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Get 2021 Moving!

When we exercise, the speed at which our blood circulates increases, bringing with it benefits to our skin, blood pressure, heart and more.
In addition, to reap these benefits we don’t even have to do very intense activities – we just need to ensure exercise is a regular feature in our day-to-day lives!
Move around the garden.
Stretch at regular intervals (especially if you do desk work!).
Try lifting light weights: a couple of tins of beans make excellent weights!
Work exercise into everyday tasks. When you’re heading up the stairs, for example, do two trips rather than one.
When watching television, do a loop of the house when the adverts come on.
Dance whilst the kettle boils or whilst dinner’s cooking!
Did you know that blood travels around the body at approximately 2 miles per hour? That’s almost equal to our average walking speed! This speedy circulation means blood can reach all corners of the body in as little as a minute.
Stop, look and listen to your body
Is a stiff, achy body making exercise a little more challenging?
Rheumatic pain
Muscular pain
Muscle aches and pains
Joint pain
Muscle pain
Adjust your diet
Choose anti-inflammatory food & drinks like nettle tea, oily fish, wholegrains and oats. Limit intake of caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol. Drink plenty of water and stretch regularly.

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2020 has inspired many of us to find new ways of getting our fitness kicks.

Online workouts

Joe Wicks led the way with his daily P.E lessons on YouTube, and now many local fitness instructors have turned to Zoom to keep their clients moving. Consider this if you find the idea of a gym intimidating, or if your schedule means you’re working when classes are on.

Socially-distanced workouts

One-to-one classes with a trainer can be scheduled to your convenience; or you can join a small exercise group, some of which are held outside to help with spacing. Consider this if you find working out alongside others encourages you to try harder; or if you enjoy the camaraderie that springs up.

Dancing with a difference

Funky Step, Broadway Boogie, and Clubbercise are some of the interesting new ways of keeping active and toning up whilst having fun. Boogie, for example, is a high energy dance fitness workout inspired by Broadway and musical theatre from stage and screen. Clubbercise is a fitness class with disco lights and glow sticks! Check out online videos or find classes locally. Consider this if you’re bored with your usual exercise routines!


Cycling hit a high as we rode through Lockdown Summer. In the winter months, indoor bikes such as Pelaton may be appealing, especially as you can link virtually to others in the ‘spinning’ community. Consider this if you have room for an indoor bike and dislike getting wet!

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Get 2021 Moving!