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Sensing Success

Sensing Success
Our team’s tips for using sensory stimulus to boost happiness in 2021

Smell - Boil up some fragrant herbs on the stove to fill your house with gorgeous winter scents. Fill a pot with water, add whatever herbs you have handy at home – rosemary, cinnamon sticks, cloves, slices of orange and lemon are lovely uplifting and cleansing options for this time of year.

Touch – One of my favourite winter indulgences is a new pair of 100% cotton pyjamas. Natural fabrics like cotton are super soft and comfy. They will keep you warm at night without that clammy feeling you get with synthetic fibres.

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Smell and Taste - In 2020 I turned to the kitchen, looking for a sense of productivity in the meals and bakes I made. For me, there’s little better than putting on some music and passing time dancing around making something that smells and tastes delicious! And, yes, there have been a few banana breads, but I also enjoyed trying out some new recipes too. I’d never made bread or homemade pizzas before 2020 and have surprised myself with how easy they are to do – I always thought that bread making was for the elite contestants of the Great British Bake Off! That’s a new skill I’ll be taking forward with me.

Touch - One of the more surprising areas to suffer from 2020’s social isolation was our skin. Social interaction is actually very good for skin. When you pet an animal, for example, research shows it is calming for both them and you.1 Hugs are also very good at easing cortisol levels. Treat your skin by massaging in some fragrant hand cream. Harsh hand sanitizer gels and the cold weather can dry out the skin, so this brings some added moisturisation too. You may also want to spend extra time massaging your shampoo into your scalp, or give yourself a foot massage whilst watching the television.

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1 Pendry P. AERA Open 2019;


My favourite thing about this time of the year is pulling out the winter woollies. It’s so lovely to feel cosy again and enjoy the sensations of soft and fluffy things like scarves. I like to bulk buy fancy soap and pop them into all my boxes and drawers so that everything smells great when you rediscover them again. I hope that lovely sandalwood and cedarwood soaps help to keep the pesky moths away too. I really miss the smell of freshly dried laundry just in off the line, so I’ve started putting a couple of drops of essential oils into the fabric conditioner dispenser. Patchouli and peppermint is my vibe at the moment. Make sure that you don’t do this with your very white or very delicate clothes - just in case.

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In our greenhouses, we handle a large variety of seeds, all of different shapes and sizes. The smallest of these seeds is Centaurium, 100,000 of which weigh only 1g! The largest seeds are the artichokes, whose vigorous seedlings send down deep-reaching roots. The artichoke heart is eaten, and the immature flowers. If the flowers open and mature, they produce the beautiful blue-violet bloom you may recognise.


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Sensing Success