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Getting Sociable

Getting Sociable
We are a sociable bunch here at A.Vogel, so we hope you’ll enjoy checking out what we have been saying on social media. We also love to hear from you: feel free to tweet us, or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or feedback.
Support Self-Care

As part of our Support Self-Care Campaign, we have been busy sharing tons of tips and tricks on our social media to help you take care of yourself and feel that little bit better every day! Here at A.Vogel we are big fans of self-care, and believe that everyone benefits from giving themselves time to practice this concept. Check out some of our top tips below…


Celebrity Make-up artist BRYONY BLAKE stocked up on her
Echinaforce Throat Spray!


@tulipschace – “I’m taking these at the moment, I like the pleasant sweet tangy taste”
@Erica__Harris – “@AvogelUKHealth thank you for your remedies. Echinaforce throat spray is wonderful and lives on my bedside table, taken at first sign of anything upper respiratory”
@Mary_R – “I love this product. I keep it for periods of time when I cannot get to sleep, have a busy brain or feel overly anxious. It gets my normal sleeping pattern back after a couple of nights of taking.”

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Getting Sociable