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Getting Sociable

Getting Sociable
We are a sociable bunch here at A.Vogel, so we hope you’ll enjoy checking out what we have been saying on social media. We also love to hear from you: feel free to tweet us, or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or feedback.
Menopause Matters,

Women have been speaking up about the menopause more than ever over the past few months, thanks to female public figures stepping up to shine the spotlight, such as Davina McCall in her illuminating Channel 4 documentary “Sex, Myths & the Menopause”. We’ve also been busy providing advice and support for menopausal women across our social channels, with our online menopause hub reaching record numbers of visitors, and subscribers to our dedicated Youtube channel soaring thanks to Eileen, our Menopause Expert.

“I just wanted to drop a line and thank A Vogel for Eileen’s calm and sensible videos. It is so rare to find someone informed and calm on the internet”

I seriously cannot recommend your teaching enough – thank you! Please take Eileen’s advice, ladies.” “I have nicknamed her “Aunt Eileen” since she teaches me things no one has before.”

“Love your videos, always a go-to when I want to learn more about menopause. Such helpful info and explained well. I’m always sharing with my friends.”

“I absolutely LOVE your videos… I’m always sharing your videos on my Facebook menopause group. THEY LOVE YOU.”



A quick update on our exciting new partnership with Liz Earle. Some of you may already know Liz from her social media presence and appearances on This Morning, however for those of you don’t, she is a prominent figure and advocate for women’s health. We’ve partnered up with Liz to promote our Balance, Passiflora and Menopause Support products. The latter featured in an Instagram live with our Nutritionist and customer favourite, Alison Cullen. Be sure to check out Liz’s page @lizearleme for Menopause Support content, and keep an eye out for upcoming posts on Balance and Passiflora!

Echinaforce Throat Spray
@SuzanneWard – Always have this in the cupboard! Amazing product
Menopause Support
@TanyaSmith – I use these they are very good!
To our favourite teacher: Alfred Vogel
@NancyThomas – Thankyou Alfred Vogel!
Your book 'The Nature Doctor' is my bible and your herbal remedies and tinctures are my healers.

Our lovely menopause expert, Eileen Durward, has a few slots available to provide online talks to groups or businesses that are interested in a calm and competent look at menopausal issues and the natural solutions. Always grounded in common sense, with a personalised approach that addresses lifestyle and diet as well as supportive remedies, Eileen’s talks are justifiably popular.

If your group or business would like to take advantage of Eileen’s menopause wisdom, please contact her at

Make sure to follow us on social media for more of the great content you find in Healthy Way, plus giveaways, videos and product info.

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Getting Sociable