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Getting Sociable

Getting Sociable
We are a sociable bunch here at A.Vogel, so we hope you’ll enjoy checking out what we have been saying on social media. We also love to hear from you: feel free to tweet us, or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or feedback.
We took the Gen M pledge

A.Vogel have always offered support and guidance around the Menopause, thanks to our amazing Menopause expert Eileen & her dedicated online hub and YouTube channel. Recently we’ve taken our support a step further and are proud to announce that we’re a Founding Partner for GenM! As one of the 48 founding brands (alongside other such as M&S and SIMBA), we took the pledge together to support all women going through the menopause and ignite discussion online to help them feel visible, vocal and valued.

If you spot some of these posts online, feel free to join in on the discussion. Let’s make menopause more positive for everyone! #wearegenm

Find out more at


As we move towards the winter months there’s been plenty of chatter on social media of a “super cold” that seems to sweeping the nation, and leaving many of you with particularly harsh symptoms!

One thing’s for sure, colds are back… and with a vengeance! In response to this we’ve been focusing our social efforts on all things “immune health” and spreading the word on how we can look after ourselves this winter.

You may have spotted our interesting immune live chat with @jdvhealthcare and our very own Nutritional Practitioner Alison Cullen. Or our collaboration on Immune Support with women’s health advocate and TV personality @lizearleme. We’ll be continuing our focus on colds, flu and how to support your immune system naturally through to the New Year, so make sure to follow our feeds to keep up to date.

Eileen’s Menopause Blog

“A Vogel’s advice blogs, either email, Facebook or online are nothing short of brilliant! Eileen has been a source of so much useful, helpful and often new information for me as I tackle my surgical menopause naturally. Such quality products which I use regularly and such wonderful advice and guidance and all available for free. Thank you A Vogel you rock. Xx”

I have just watched your weekly video, and I’m over the moon to hear that you will be a part of GenM. Finally, we are being heard! I think you will make a fantastic contribution. Everything I know about menopause comes from you. I can’t thank you enough!

Echinaforce Drops
@treat_body – “I was advised to take this back in Feb 2020, never looked back… thank you for a wonderful product!”
Echinacea post
@michelleredmondpr – “This cheery flower always puts a smile on my face. Even better that it has helped keep me lurgy free!”

Our 12 Days of Cleansemas advice will be available on Instagram over the beginning of December, so keep an eye out for some festive giveaways! Instagram Tag – @avogeluk_health

Make sure to follow us on social media for more of the great content you find in Healthy Way, plus giveaways, videos and product info.

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Getting Sociable