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How We’re Thinking Differently About Our Health

How We’re Thinking Differently About Our

I am thinking differently about my health, in that I am keeping things simple. With all the stress the past year has brought, we don’t need our health to be another worrisome item on our to-do list, or something we have to spend lots of money on. This Spring I aim to keep things simple: I am going to eat well, sleep well and move well. That means lots of fruit and veggies, bed before 11, and a promise to move my body in some enjoyable way every day. I have a few products that help me keep me on track with this: Balance Mineral Drink to add to smoothies when I need extra nourishment; Dormeasan when I need help sleeping well; and Atrogel for when I over-do the movement and end up with aches and pains!

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In order to pass time during the various lockdowns, I have become much more conscious about planning meals. It has been fun to search for recipes through old and forgotten cook books, picking out a mixture of ingredients and cuisines that ensure variety throughout the week. Cooking can become a bit mundane if we stick to the same tried and tested meals all the time, but I have found that trying out new things keeps the task interesting. And who cares if it doesn’t always turn out perfect – there’s always next time! I know that planning meals in this way will definitely be something I continue to do in the future because, not only do I feel better when my body is getting all the ‘good stuff’, I’ve also seen a reduction in food waste, which can only be good for our environment.

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It’s important to pick your battles during stressful times. January had me making wonderful plans to lose my winter pounds. My comforting treats like wine were to be replaced by outdoor activities (in my head the sun is always shining as these wonderful things are happening). All is not lost! I have had a few epiphanies (indoors with cake) and they are as follows:

  • Guilt is not a motivating force. I’m ditching that, it only makes me feel bad and it’s not in any way slimming.
  • A good raincoat and waterproof shoes are all you need to stick to a sensible goal to spend more time outdoors! I’m putting them on.
  • I need to ready my social muscles for the post-lockdown scenario. I’m remotely reconnecting with people I haven’t seen for months. Why wait?
  • Smiling should be my default setting, I have so many good people in my life.

Any other dynamic healthful measures I take will be a fantastic bonus that I can feel super smug about.

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This last year, after becoming a new mum and living through a global pandemic, I’ve been especially grateful for my health and in awe of what our bodies can achieve if we give them the right tools to work with. As Alfred Vogel proudly stated, ‘Nature provides everything we need to protect and maintain our health’; so, if we can live by this in terms of the food we eat, where we spend our time, and with the help of some remedies now and again, we’ll be just fine.

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Although the importance of routine for a healthy circadian rhythm is something I’ve always found fascinating, this year has ferociously flagged up how a regular schedule can contribute to emotional as well as physical health. Working from home is definitely easier if you have a set routine to give shape to your day and provide a place for your healthy habits. I take my Echinaforce morning and evening, without fail!

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The month of May sees the harvest of the young shoots of pine (or spruce), which are destined for our Bronchosan Cough syrup and Santasapina lozenges. Timing is important: wait too long and the young shoots become hard, making it more difficult for the active ingredients to be extracted. Vogel recommended that anyone troubled by catarrh to pick pine buds or shoots when walking through a forest, and chew them well for the positive effect they have on the bronchial system.


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How We’re Thinking Differently About Our Health