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Passiflora A Hug in a Bottle!

A Hug in a Bottle!
Herbalists sometimes refer to calming herbs such as Passiflora as ‘a hug in a bottle’. This reflects their gentle, soothing nature, cooling the ‘busyness’ of an emotionally heated head, and increasing a feeling of emotional rootedness.
The good news is that we now have two new passiflora complex products!

A dietary supplement containing Passiflora extract, Valerian extract, Lemon Balm extract, magnesium and zinc, these tablets are used for:

Normal functioning of the nervous system
Reduction in tiredness and fatigue
Supporting cognitive function

Using plant-based formulas for nervous system support is a lovely natural way of working to improve our resilience as we move forward this year. Mentally and emotionally, we may be finding life more than a little challenging, and welcome the support these nutrients can give.

Take 2 tablets daily, with food. They are suitable for those over 18 years old.


Passiflora Complex Spray is a dietary supplement containing Passiflora extract, Lemon Balm extract and zinc. We do love a spray! So easy to use on the go, for a start.

And the sublingual format delivers the ingredients super- efficiently, even for those whose digestive powers are not all they could be. You don’t need to take this with food. This spray is suitable for those over 12 years old. Adults use a dose of 3 sprays, anything between once and four times daily. Children from 12 to 18 years old, use a dose of 2 sprays, anything between once and four times daily.


These are a combination of Passiflora and the ever-popular Avena sativa, suitable for those over 12, and taken at a dose of 20 drops in a little water, twice daily.

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Passiflora A Hug in a Bottle!