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Small Steps to Success

Small Steps to
‘Small is Beautiful’,

said E.F. Schumacher, way back in 1973.

Here at A.Vogel, we espouse the beauty of the small, whether it’s a petite Centaurium flower or a tiny lifestyle tweak that will ripple through your health outcomes like the butterfly wing action that can theoretically trigger a tornedo.*

In this issue of Healthy Way, we are digging into 12 small steps that you can take to reinvigorate your health over the next few months. Good things come in small packages (witness Eileen and Emma, who are wee and wonderful!), and the health benefits of taking any of these bite-sized initiatives are potentially immense. You could even do them all and skip lightly into 2022, feeling cleansed and refreshed.

THE 12 DAYS OF Cleansemas TEAM

ALI is a nutritional practitioner, pretty much obsessed with improving digestive function as a pathway to numerous health benefits. ‘Bad digestion is the root of all evil’, said Hippocrates, a very long time ago; and Ali is all about rooting out as much of it as possible. In this issue she writes about improving gut health, as well as the simple benefits of water, caring for your kidneys, and supporting your immune system.

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SARAH has worked in the natural health industry for decades, honing her skills in spotting the right remedies for the right person, and excelling in providing high quality information on natural products in a way that people can understand. Read what she has to say about the best ways of nourishing your skin from inside and out, glowing with virtue and vitamins from real food.

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KATE is training as a medical herbalist, and never stops soaking up old wisdom and new discoveries, blending modern-day science with time-honoured sagacity. Interested in all and every aspect of healthy living, she here breathes life into the topic of balanced breath, showing how simple, undemanding strategic breaths can be transformative for your well-being.

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EMMA is a nutritionist who cooks like a dream and is never short of a tasty recipe to delight your palate. Fascinated by all aspects of wellbeing, she loves to pass on knowledge and empower people to improve their health naturally. Here, she writes about the benefits of sleep, resolving tummy bugs, and nipping cystitis in the bud.

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EARLE has a degree in Health Studies and a further specialist qualification in Naturopathic Nutrition. He has run his own health food store, and understands the hurdles people can face when dealing with health problems. If he were to identify an area of particular interest, it would be pain management, movement and exercise; and here he talks about realistic ways of welcoming exercise into your life, and balancing it with rest and restoration.

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SIOBHÁN is a medical herbalist and naturopath, whose enthusiasm for the wonders of herbal medicine knows very few bounds. She is also an avid yoga practitioner, a cold-water sea swimmer, and a keen cook. Her favourite herb is Calendula, with Echinacea a close second. In this issue she is exploring the importance of the liver, and how we can love it into better condition.

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*For more information on the Butterfly Effect, read ‘Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow’ by E. Lorenz, 1963.
No butterflies were harmed, or even involved, in the formation of his theory.


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It is strictly forbidden to reproduce Healthy Way in full or in part without the written authorisation of the publisher.
WARNING: This document in no way precludes the necessity of a diagnosis from a health practitioner.

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Small Steps to Success